Title: (NEX OCEANA) PERSONALIZED SERVICES CLERK-PERSONALIZED SERVICES Location: United States-Virginia-Virginia Beach Job Number: 170002FL

Job Summary: Responsible for performing all or some of the various duties within the Personalized Services Department which may include some or all of the following responsibilities: Laundry/Dry Cleaning, Barber/Beauty Shop, simple floral displays, FTD, gift wrapping, Western Union, sorting/distribution of incoming/outgoing mail packages, stocking/maintaining applicable sales areas, check cashing, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities: Performs all or some of the following related duties as assigned:

BARBER/BEAUTY SHOP: Serves as receptionist in the Barber/Beauty shop, answering phones scheduling appointments. Keeps track of barber/beauty tickets, tracks productivity, and daily record keeping as needed. Works with stylist and vendors in maintaining shop inventories, initiating replenishment, conducting monthly inventories as required. Assists barbers/beauticians in maintaining sanitation requirements as needed. FLOWER SHOP: Creates or assists in creating floral arrangements such as corsages, table arrangements, bouquets, etc. Advises customer of types of floral arrangements and prices; instructs patrons of the care of fresh cut flowers, potted flowers and plants upon request. Maintains fresh and dry flowers and plants by dusting and watering. Arranges in a neat and orderly manner on the display counters and in a floral area. Assists customer in the selection of plants/fresh flowers, etc. Takes Teleflora (FTD) and special orders from patrons for flowers/plants, and maintains necessary documentation. May be required to deliver flowers on base (valid license required). LAUNDRY/DRY CLEANING: Receives from patrons garments to be cleaned; computes cost and issues receipt; tickets articles received by date, name description and type of service (regular, special) required. Bags articles for pick-up by contractors/Laundry Dry Cleaning Service. Receives articles and delivery tickets from contractors/Dry Cleaning Service. Checks ticket numbers against file copy. Files articles on rail in alphabetical and numerical order. PERSONALIZED SERVICES: Performs personalized services functions, such as gift wrapping, taking orders for personalized stationery, wedding invitations, etc., preparing rental agreements; maintaining pertinent records and logs, and keeping current price sheets of authorized items. Sends, receives and issues Western Union checks. Maintains display area in a clean and orderly manner. Sorts incoming mail for distribution. Processes incoming/outgoing mail in accordance with established procedures and postal regulations. Performs packing service for mailing packages following established procedures. Receives articles to be mailed priority mail, flat rate, express delivery, UPS/FED EX in accordance with established procedures and maintains copy of receipts for reference. Collects, arranges and files a variety of documents/envelopes and maintains documents following established procedures. Maintains number control logs and master lists for stamp sales, 1583A forms and various logs in connection with all operation functions including Western Union, FTD, engraving, etc. Performs gift-wrapping services. Operates a cash register according to established cash control procedures, and is responsible for own cash fund. Prepares daily salesperson's cash report. Provides refunds, merchandise exchanges and price adjustments in accordance with NEX policy. Assists with inventory taking. Maintains adequate supplies and records at all times. Operates a number of machines such as cash register, postage scale, Western Union, SIM, computer functions according to established control procedures. Performs routine servicing of equipment and makes corrections to simple operational malfunctions. Performs all types of cash register transactions; cash, check, charge, debit, gift certificate, etc. in an accurate and procedurally correct manner. Is empowered and responsible for resolving customer problems and complaints consistently, tactfully and intelligently, ensuring customer satisfaction as the end result. Non routine issues are immediately referred to a higher level associate having authority to resolve the matter. Assists in training new associates in store programs and policies as assigned. Exercises tact, good manners and courtesy when serving and assisting customers. Works under the general supervision of a designate supervisor who delegates assignments, provides instructions and procedures and is available for assistance and guidance in connection with problems encountered. Work is performed independently within the framework of established policies, procedures and regulations. Refers unusual problems to supervisor for assistance. Work is reviewed in terms of timeliness of assignments, adherence to applicable procedures, efficiency of accomplishment of assigned functions, and patron satisfaction. Performs other related duties as assigned. Qualifications: Successful candidate must have at least 6 months responsible experience in retail sales store in which the applicant has demonstrated the ability to perform satisfactorily in the position to be filled.