Navy Exchange Services (NEX) (NEX NORFOLK) MAINTENANCE WORKER in NORFOLK, Virginia

Title: (NEX NORFOLK) MAINTENANCE WORKER Location: United States-Virginia-Norfolk Job Number: 170001I4

Job Summary: Performs a variety of maintenance work requiring the use of a variety of trade practices associated with such occupations as air conditioning and refrigeration, electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, masonry, and painting. Duties and Responsibilities: Performs maintenance and repair work involving several trade skills when performing a substantial variety of the following examples of work:

Installs, maintains, and repairs a variety of refrigeration and air conditioning units and systems such as coolers, refrigeration's, deep freezers, etc. Traces and locates defects and makes visual, audible and mechanical checks to determine and extent of repairs needed. Replaces a major portion of the various cooling units such as compressors, condensers, expansion valves, thermostats and drive assembles; tightens loose connections, makes splices, insulates exposed wires in power sources, cleans and lubricates moving parts, replaces items such as belts, fans and fuses. Upon completion of repair, test for proper operation. Makes electrical repairs on such items as defective wiring, controls, equipment and fixtures having broken or bare wiring, burned out switches and relays, loose connections and fittings, damaged light fixtures, poorly operating thermostats. Rearranges and hooks up items such as outlets, switches, light fixtures, regulators and circuit breakers to installed systems. Locates broken, worn, damaged or poorly operating wiring, fixtures, controls and equipment through visual check or use of a limited number of test equipment such as lamps and ammeters. Removes, replaces, tightens, splices, solders and/or insulates the items being repaired, using a variety of hand tools. Measures, cuts and bends wires and conduits to specified lengths and angels. Removes, cleans, replaces and seals defective parts of utility, supply and disposal systems such as dirty traps, sections of broken tile pipe and tile, caulks and seals elbows, union joints and faucets; cleans and reinstalls joints and fixtures. Hooks up water heaters, disposal units, faucets and similar type equipment to installed systems. Uses material specified in work orders or obtains replacement parts by comparison with samples. Measures, cuts and bends pipe according to measurements specified in orders or sketches or by comparison with samples. Uses such tools and equipment as tapes, rules, hacksaws, hand and power pipe threaders and cutters, packing and caulking irons, and pipe wrench. Plans and lays out work in accordance with drawings, sketches, blueprints, and own knowledge of construction or needed repairs. Selects lumber, materials, and supplies. Measures and cuts materials to the required lengths, and dimensions. Installs structural and trim items by nailing, bolting, mortising, doweling and gluing. Planes, sands and finishes completed work when necessary. Installs sheet, roll and shingle roofing, insuring proper alignment and overlap. Fabricates and installs frames for windows, doors, transoms, and ventilators, shelves, counters, plywood duct work, bulletin boards, cabinets, bookcases, and related features having built in characteristics. Insures that installed components are level and accurately aligned with other parts of the structure. Installs floor and window sashes. Trims, mortises, drills and prepares items for attachment of hardware. Applies caulking compound or other filler material around door and window cashing and at points where tight seals is required. Uses a variety of hand and power shop tools in the accomplishment of assignment. Performs maintenance, repair or construction of a variety of structures and surfaces of brick, block, stone and other related materials. May remove damaged portions of walls, partitions, walkways or other similar structures in preparation of repairs. Tears out portions of walls for the installation of doors or windows. Spreads mortar; sets brick, block and stone; and finishes mortar joints so that the repaired portion matches the undamaged portion of the structure. Uses a variety of hand tools such as trowel, gauge lines, plumb bobs, air hammers, and chisels in the performance of the above duties. Paints a variety of surfaces, interiors and exteriors of buildings, shelves, counter cabinets, and similar items at Navy Exchange sites and locations, according to directions; insuring surfaces are fully coated, protected and free from drips and runs. Prepares surfaces by methods such as sanding, wire brushing, scraping, spackling and puttying; brushes out, rolls, shellacs, applying prime, intermediate and final coats and assuring coating finishes meet surface protection requirements. Uses premixed paints, and prepared solvents, thinner and stirs coating materials in accomplishment of painting assignments. Checks surfaces after painting to assure there are no skips; touches up as needed. Cleans and maintains brushes and painting equipment. May make automotive repairs that can be accomplished by cleaning, reinstalling or replacing parts of components and systems such as fouled spark plugs, leaky wheel cylinders, corroded mufflers and worn brake shoes. Determines if parts should be cleaned and reinstalled or replaced with standard parts. As necessary, removes and replaces with standard parts such as items as wheel cylinders, fuel lines, condensers, mufflers, tailpipes, brake linings, master cylinders, etc. Makes, as required, settings and adjustments such as setting distributor and voltage regulator, points, gapping spark plugs, setting engine idle and time, and taking up on brakes. Uses a variety of common hand tools such as wrenches, pliers, brake tools, ignition tools and screwdrivers in the accomplishment of the avove. Locates worn, dirty, or poorly adjusted parts through visual check or uses a variety of test equipment such as timing lights, dwell meters, feeler gauges, circuit testers, and similar type of test equipment. Picks up and delivers mail, merchandise, supplies and miscellaneous documents to designated persons and locations; obtains necessary receipt or signature, as necessary. Carries change fund-make change as needed. Transports verified cash to designated banking facility. Advises cashiers at pick up points as to correct security procedures to be followed and insures that cash is secured with proper identification. Maintains storeroom areas in a clean and orderly manner. Performs other related duties as assigned. PHYSICAL EFFORT: Is required to stand, stoop, bend, kneel, climb and work in tiring and uncomfortable positions. Frequently lifts, carries and sets up materials and equipment weighing up to 50 pounds in the performance of duties. WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is performed inside and outside; inside work is usually in building adequately heated, lighted and ventilated. Noises from hammer's, saws and other power tools are frequent. Is exposed to dust, dirt, fumes and spray when repairing, painting and operating power tools, etc. Injuries may occur when lifting heavy pieces of lumber or equipment; cuts and bruises in using hand tools and equipment; more serious injuries in falls from ladders and scaffolds Qualifications: GENERAL EXPERIENCE: One year of experience that provided the applicant with knowledge of general maintenance practices involving the upkeep of buildings, grounds, fixtures, equipment, etc. SUBSTITUTION OF EDUCATION FOR EXPERIENCE: One year of high school education may be substituted for 3 months of general experience up to a High School Diploma or GED for one year of general experience. SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Three years of general maintenance work in involving variety of trade practices associated with such occupations as air conditioning and refrigeration, electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, masonry, and painting, etc. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Standing, stooping, bending, kneeling, climbing and work in tiring and uncomfortable positions. Frequently lifts and carries material weighing up to 50 pounds.